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Fluid Controls & Assemblies 

OEM’s that are looking to focus their efforts on product engineering and marketing and not on assembly and test, look to find world class suppliers who can manufacture their products providing grey-box engineering services, managing all component manufacturing and purchases. GLOBALEYES provides this solution for many mission critical applications. In most cases this outsourcing of assembly and test can save the OEM cost and frees up capital for R&D and marketing.  

Products are manufactured, assembled and tested to exact customer specifications. 

Assembly cells are designed with multiple fool-proofing stations resulting in 100% error proofing for part presence, tolerance and location. Additional automated checks for material cracks, heat-treat, torque and cleanliness.
Products are100% automatically functionally tested and identified after passing test. 

• Hydraulic Valves
• Pump Assemblies 
• Braking control Assemblies 
• Engine Valve Train Assemblies 
• Plumbing Valves

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